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Provides the training required for students to effectively plan and manage tactical foot and mobile surveillance.

  • 5 day course developing covert skills.
  • Surveillance competences
  • Dealing with threats and compromises.
  • Managing public transport.
  • Foot and vehicle mutually supported surveillance.
  • Dealing with multiple exits.
  • Understand the elements of the surveillance team and how to use them effectively in any environment.

This BTEC Level 4 course is an advancement following Tactical Surveillance Procedures and is your next progression toward your new career.

During this course the pace quickens and you will be expected to react appropriately to the ever changing scenarios.

The course itself is based around criminal surveillance, brand protection and anti-illicit trade.

You will learn surveillance competences and how to deal with threats and possible compromises.

You will be following live actors in a number of environments either by foot or by vehicle and will be taught how to overcome the difficulties of public transport, multiple exits and multi-storey car parks whilst maintaining eyes on the target.

During this week you may find yourself leading your team having been taught the elements of the surveillance team and how to utilize each member effectively in all environments.

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4 Day Award

Designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required in planning and managing tactical surveillance procedures.


3 Course Package

This course is available as part of our Surveillance & Investigation Package. A comprehensive package providing all the qualifications you need to get started in a career of surveillance, with a saving of £249

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